Ten Sex Scandals

10) Dominique Strauss-Khan, the pinnacle of the IMF, was charged with the attempted rape and sexual assault of your hotel maid in Ny. The end result could be that the trial was dismissed but already forced to resign as head from the IMF.

9) Barney Frank, a US Congressman in 1989, had an affair with a male prostitute and used his house as a brothel. ten sex - Concluding was that Barney was cleared of the serious wrongdoing and was successfully re-elected.

8) Anthony Weiner, a US Congressman this year, accidentally posted a lude picture on twitter while conducting online relationships with six women. Because of this, he resigned from position as US Congressman.

7) Salvio Berlusconi, an italian man , Prime Minister this season, was charged with numerous counts of sexual impropriety, the most serious involving an under-age, 17 years old prostitute. He proceeded trial, but subsequently remained as Prime Minister.

6) Larry Craig, a US Senator in 2007, propositioned an undercover cop in the male restroom in an airport. Third , he was fined $575, but served out his term prior to leaving office.

5) Eliot Spitzer, the New York Governor in 2008, patronized a prostitution ring and had liaisons with a $1000 one hour call girl. When caught he resigned from office.

4) John Edwards, an american Senator and Presidential Nominee in 2008, fathered a kid together with his mistress while his wife had to endure incurable breast cancers. He went to trial for utilizing campaign funds to disguise the affair and was ultimately found simple.

3) John Profumo, the British Secretary of State for War in 1963, had an affair using a prostitute who had strong links to some Soviet Spy. After he was caught, he resigned from his position.

2) Moshe Katsav, the President of Israel in 2006, was charged with sex crimes with multiple women, including accusations of rape. He resigned from office and was subsequently sentenced to prison.

1) Bill Clinton, the President of america in 1998, had an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. tensex - Clinton was impeached from the House of Representatives for obstruction of justice, but not convicted by the Senate. Ultimately, he remained at work 'till the end of his term. This is the last from the top sex scandals.

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